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Online Resources for the use of Story

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This is a tentative list, and by no means exhaustive. If you have found additional online resources helpful, please post them below or share them with the ToPIX Editor (TOPIX[at]TeachPsych[dot]org)


http://teachpsych.org/ebooks/tellingstories.html STP Book Telling Stories


http://www.freebooknotes.com/storytelling-guide/ "Ultimate Guide to Storytelling" (Courtesy of Carole Fegan, 12/29/2014). Includes links to Storytelling Organizations, Institutes, and Events, as well as other storytelling sites.


http://digitalstorytelling.coe.uh.edu/  U. of Houston Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling


http://storycenter.org/  Center for Digital Storytelling


https://tle.wisc.edu/digitalstorytelling  U. Wisconsin-Madison Teaching & Learning Excellence


http://net.educause.edu/ir/library/pdf/eli08167b.pdf  Educause Digital Storytelling


http://www.seminar.net/index.php/home/75-current-issue/145-the-pedagogy-of-digital-storytelling-in-the-college-classroom  Seminar.net  Pedagogy of Digital Storytelling


http://www2.bgsu.edu/departments/english/cconline/winter2013/digital_s/references.html  Bowling Green St. U bibliography for digital storytelling

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