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The Motivational Toolbox

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The motivational toolbox. This is an innovated class activity by Alderman and Beyeler (2008). They focused on how to motivate students to learn motivation theories. Through cooperative learning activities, classroom assignments, and classroom observations the authors had students create a large class assignment dubbed the “Motivation toolbox.” Students wrote five personal motivational tools that they use and that they would have their future students use. For example, some students described goal setting and self-efficacy tools for themselves while creating attributional feedback and learned helplessness tools for their students. In a qualitative analysis, students reported that the assignment was useful, made the material concrete, and understood how to apply the course content to real-world situations. 


Alderman, M. K., & Beyeler, J. (2008). Motivation in preservice teacher education: Possibilities for transfer of learning. Teaching Educational Psychology, 3(2), 1-23.










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