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Grading rubrics from Bill Altman

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Many instructors find it difficult to determine how to grade some of the more creative and inspiring assignments they’ve designed. As a result, some become frustrated and fall back on tests and quizzes as their only student evaluations. One way to avoid this pitfall is the use of appropriate rubrics.  This can also help with assigning group grades, as students can use behavior-based rubrics to evaluate each other's contributions to the group process.


You can find my rubrics, as well as links to a number of rubric creation tools at:



I also find it helpful to provide students with appropriate model papers.  You can see everything I use in my introductory course at:





Below is a sample rubric for a research report:




Original by Bill Altman: FinalPaperScoringGuide-Altman.pdf





Psychology -- Scoring Guide for Final Paper


General Formatting (section subtotal of 3 points) Format Section Total __________/3

____ 1.0" margins (1 point)

____ double spacing (1 point)

____ Page header and page number in upper right corner on each page (1 point)


Title Page (section subtotal of 3 points) Title Page Section Total ___________/3

____ Title (1 point)

____ Student Name and Affiliation (1 point)

____ Running Head (1 point)


Abstract (section subtotal of 5 points) Abstract Section Total _________/5

____ Purpose (1 point)

____ Methods -- 1 or 2 sentences describing the experiment (1 point)

____ Results – 1 or 2 sentences describing the data (1 point)

____ Significance of the Results -- What does it all mean? (1 points)

____ Formatting: Centered heading: “Abstract”, body in one paragraph, no indent on 1st line, #120 words (1 point)


Introduction (section subtotal 22 points) Introduction Section Total _________/22

____ Describe in detail the goal of the project (5 points)

____ Describe previous studies and basic concepts (10 points)


Judged for quality, timeliness, number, and coherence with current project

____ Hypothesis stated correctly (6 points)

____ Formatting: Title of paper centered at top of page (1 point)


Method (section subtotal 16 points) Method Section Total _________/16

____ Participants/Subjects -- describe the subject pool (5 points)

____ Materials and Apparatus -- what was used? (5 points)

____ Procedure – describe the experiment so it might be replicated (5 points)

____ Formatting: Centered heading: “Method” and subsections begind with

left-justified, italicized headings (e.g. Procedure) (1 point)


Results (section subtotal 11 points) Results Section Total _________/11

____ Describe the results of the experiment (5 points)

____ Describe the methods of analysis used (5 points)

____ Formatting: Centered heading: “Results” (1 point)


Discussion (section subtotal 13 points) Discussion Section Total _________/13

____ Show whether the project demonstrated the concept to be tested, relating conclusion to data (5 points)

____ Discuss successes and problems with the study (5 points)

____ Suggestions for further investigation (2 points)

____ Formatting: Centered heading: “Discussion” (1 point)


References (section subtotal 8 points) References Section Total __________/8

____ References provided appropriately for each article cited (1 points)

____ No references for articles not cited (1 points)

____ APA style for references in the Reference Section (3 points)

____ APA style for references in the text (2 points)

____ Formatting:


Centered heading: “References” & Hanging indents for all entries (1 point)

Appendix – if applicable (section subtotal 2 points) Appendix Section Total __________/2

Total Points Available for Content and Format: 83 points Content and Format Total _________/83

General writing (section subtotal 17 points): Subtract points the following errors: General Writing Section Total __________/17

Disagreement in # of subjects/verbs/pronouns

Disagreements in tense

Sentence fragments


Awkward, run-on or unclear sentences

Colloquialisms or slang

Incorrect use of punctuation marks

Lacking a staple or stapled out of order

Incorrect word choices (e.g. their/there or two/to/too)

Other errors in writing mechanics

Excellent = 17 Points Good = 14 Points Fair = 12 Points Poor = 10 Extremely Poor = 0


Paper Total Score: __________/100


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