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Emotion in the Classroom

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Lie Detector Demo (If you know the source of this demonstration, please edit this page to give them credit -- Thanks!  Sue Frantz)

Purchase a GSR (galvanic skin response meter).  This one is easy to use and is not expensive.  Shop around for the best price.  (No software necessary – I just hook up the classroom audio cable to the audio jack on the device.  Computer audio cables are too big for the jack; you’ll need an adapter.)


Take 5 cards, from a deck of playing cards or just write numbers on index cards.  Shuffle the cards.  Ask your volunteer to pick a card, any card.  Have them show the card to two other students, but show no one else.  Replace the card back in the stack and reshuffle.


Attach the student to your GSR device.  Instruct the student to respond ‘no’ to each the questions you’re about to ask.  For the rest of the class, their task is to determine which card was chosen.


Show card #1.  You: “Is this your card?”  Student: “No.”

Show card #2.  You: “Is this your card?”  Student: “No.”

Show card #3.  You: “Is this your card?”  Student: “No.”

Show card #4.  You: “Is this your card?”  Student: “No.”

Show card #5.  You: “Is this your card?”  Student: “No.”


One time I did this, the volunteer had been in a class where I told students how to beat a lie detector test.  The day before, accidentally(!), the volunteer had slammed his thumb in his car door.   For each of the cards where he was telling the truth, he gently pushed his very sore thumb against the arm of the chair he was sitting in.  On the card where he was lying, he didn’t.  That made it very hard for the others in the class to determine which one was the lie.






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